Tool - Schism

Tool - Schism

Music video for the song Schism by Tool
Bosch HS1809 Round Hex Shank One Piece Bushing Tool Guide

Stephen King: "The trust of the innocent is the liar's most useful tool."

not a stan on my feet!Quatar ky for the shoes>TEN bands for ya life500 on the tool.thats a throw away bitch im bout to tak ya ass ta school

RT @3xRoshoman: RT @Violet9001: I don’t want it I just need it to breathe to feel to know I’m alive……#Tool #Aenima #FuckYeah Why can’t I Just Be sober!

anand then kaiwen was all like ' regina ALWAYS uses me as a tool ' and i'm like, fuck you no, i nvr, you are not my dildo (:

Thinking about it you can't do anything but look a complete tool when you listen to it

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